Saint Anselm Hall of Fame Inductees

Name Sports Year of Graduation Year of Induction
Leo Connerton full bio Leo Connerton Basketball & Football 1937 1980
Albert F. Grenert full bio Albert F. Grenert Basketball Coach   1980
Raymond McLean full bio Raymond McLean Football 1940 1980
Joseph (Jerry) McLean, Jr. full bio Joseph (Jerry) McLean, Jr. Basketball 1969 1980
James Morris full bio James Morris Hockey 1975 1980
John C. Foley full bio John C. Foley Football & Basketball 1943 1981
Thomas F. Galvin Jr. full bio Thomas F. Galvin, Jr. Hockey 1975 1981
Francis P. O'Donnell full bio Francis P. O'Donnell Basketball 1957 1981
Joseph E. Grogan full bio Joseph E. Grogan Football & Basketball 1936 1982
Robert F. Roach full bio Robert F. Roach Soccer 1972 1982
Phillip Shacklette full bio Phillip Shacklette Cross Country Coach   1982
Charles F. Duffley full bio Charles F. Duffley Basketball 1953 1983
Foster J. Flint full bio Foster J. Flint Football 1937 1983
Frank H. Harrington full bio Frank H. Harrington Hockey Coach   1983
David P. Sturma full bio David P. Sturma Basketball 1970 1983
Emil E. Deyden full bio Emil E. Deyden Basketball & Football 1942 1984
Myles F. Dorch full bio Myles F. Dorch Basketball 1964 1984
Michael T. Gavin full bio Michael T. Gavin Hockey 1976 1984
Patrick J. McCarthy full bio Patrick J. McCarthy Basketball 1956 1984
Richard M. Broderick full bio Richard M. Broderick Basketball 1958 1985
Anthony W. Greer full bio Anthony W. Greer Basketball 1964 1985
Robert M. Nigro full bio Robert M. Nigro Hockey 1974 1985
Cleo A. O'Donnell full bio Cleo A. O'Donnell Coach   1985
Stanley Bondelevitch full bio Stanley Bondelevitch Football 1941 1986
John A. Collamore full bio John A. Collamore Basketball 1957 1986
Donna M. Guimont full bio Donna M. Guimont Coach   1986
Charles J. Jaworek full bio Charles J. Jaworek Football 1940 1986
John M. Krzynowek full bio John M. Krzynowek Golf 1979 1986
Rocco R. LaSala full bio Rocco R. LaSala Football 1940 1986
Frank M. Murphy full bio Frank M. Murphy Football 1938 1986
Leonard S. Nelson full bio Leonard S. Nelson Football 1936 1986
Walter J. Tafe full bio Walter J. Tafe Football 1928 1986
Sean P. Canning full bio Sean P. Canning Basketball 1980 1987
Edward F. Cannon full bio Edward F. Cannon Coach   1987
Joseph W. Kelley full bio Joseph W. Kelley Football 1938 1987
Martin Kenney full bio Martin Kenney Football 1936 1987
Mike Malio full bio Mike Malio Football 1939 1987
Joseph A. O'Brien full bio Joseph A. O'Brien Hockey 1974 1987
William O. O'Connor full bio William O. O'Connor Basketball 1951 1987
Peter J. Sperandio full bio Peter J. Sperandio Football 1938 1987
John G. Sullivan full bio John G. Sullivan Football 1937 1987
Edward H. Cullen full bio Edward H. Cullen Football & Basketball 1939 1988
Ernest A. Frechette full bio Ernest A. Frechette Football 1942 1988
Edmund L. Hartung full bio Edmund L. Hartung Football 1937 1988
James F. Howe full bio James F. Howe Football 1935 1988
George F. Lee full bio George F. Lee Coach 1936 1988
Stanley J. Lencki full bio Stanley J. Lencki Golf 1981 1988
John W. Lindberg full bio John W. Lindberg Hockey 1974 1988
David L. Swan full bio David L. Swan Basketball 1963 1988
Charles H. Tobin full bio Charles H. Tobin Basketball 1950 1988
Robert K. Barrett full bio Robert K. Barrett Basketball 1959 1989
Matthew D. Burdick full bio Matthew D. Burdick Basketball 1982 1989
William E. Burton full bio William E. Burton Football & Basketball 1937 1989
Joseph Butchka full bio Joseph Butchka Football & Basketball 1938 1989
Thomas Connor full bio Thomas Connor Football & Basketball 1938 1989
Joseph L. Couture full bio Joseph L. Couture Soccer 1980 1989
Stephen P. Murphy full bio Stephen P. Murphy Hockey 1983 1989
Charles C. Pelonzi full bio Charles C. Pelonzi Football 1937 1989
Stanley W. Sikorsky full bio Stanley W. Sikorsky Football & Hockey 1941 1989
Rachel (Jackson) Martin full bio Rachel (Jackson) Martin Basketball 1985 1990
Christopher R. Ayers full bio Christopher R. Ayers Soccer 1984 1990
Stephen Daigle full bio Stephen Daigle Hockey 1975 1990
Peter T. Hanly full bio Peter T. Hanly Basketball 1968 1990
Richard W. Bailey full bio Richard W. Bailey Basketball 1959 1991
Thomas J. Birmingham full bio Thomas J. Birmingham Hockey 1976 1991
Judith A. Harrison full bio Judith A. Harrison Basketball & Softball 1984 1991
Hubert B. McDonough, III full bio Hubert B. McDonough, III Hockey 1986 1991
Karen (Hawkes) McAvoy full bio Karen (Hawkes) McAvoy Cross Country 1985 1992
Russell Bastin full bio Russell Bastin Basketball 1950 1992
Thomas Chapman full bio Thomas Chapman Basketball 1968 1992
Linda (Pavone) Connly full bio Linda (Pavone) Connly Basketball 1987 1993
James Cosgrove full bio James Cosgrove Basketball 1987 1993
James Foster full bio James Foster Soccer 1988 1993
Brian Murphy full bio Brian Murphy Hockey 1984 1993
Cheryl (Bourgeois) DeSisto full bio Cheryl (Bourgeois) DeSisto Tennis 1987 1994-1995
Ted McConnon full bio Ted McConnon Basketball Coach   1994-1995
John Powers full bio John Powers Hockey 1976 1994-1995
Robert "Woody" Stone full bio Robert "Woody" Stone Basketball 1954 1994-1995
Scott Amil Thomas, D.O. full bio Scott Amil Thomas, D.O. Soccer 1986 1996
Andrew J. Garvey full bio Andrew J. Garvey Football & Basketball 1943 1996
Christopher D. Madigan full bio Christopher D. Madigan Basketball 1990 1996
David J. Gavin full bio David J. Gavin Hockey 1983 1997
Archie A. Hoffman full bio Archie A. Hoffman Football 1939 1997
Kerri A. Lang full bio Kerri A. Lang Basketball 1991 1997
Rev. Lawrence Wetterholm full bio Rev. Lawrence Wetterholm Special Recognition 1952 1997
Daniel C. Balicki full bio Daniel C. Balicki Basketball 1966 1998
Elizabeth M. Cranmer full bio Elizabeth M. Cranmer Basketball 1991 1998
James M. McCann full bio James M. McCann Baseball & Hockey 1984 1998
Kara E. Molloy full bio Kara E. Molloy Cross Country 1992 1998
Lori (Cillo) Greeno full bio Lori (Cillo) Greeno Softball 1994 1999
Liz (Pelletier) Rickett full bio Liz (Pelletier) Rickett Basketball 1987 1999
Prof. Bill Farrell full bio Prof. Bill Farrell Special Recognition   1999
Jamie Oliver full bio Jamie Oliver Basketball 1981 1999
Ted Paulauskas full bio Ted Paulauskas Athletics Director   1999
Henry Rae full bio Henry Rae Soccer 1987 1999
David Brosnan full bio David Brosnan Cross Country 1994 2000
Thomas Bullock full bio Thomas Bullock Special Recognition 1974 2000
Michelle Hughes full bio Michelle Hughes Softball & Soccer 1994 2000
Clifton Moore full bio Clifton Moore Soccer 1979 2000
Robert Williams full bio Robert Williams Basketball 1952 2000
Leslie (Beauvais) Walsh full bio Leslie (Beauvais) Walsh Soccer 1988 2001
Monica (McCarthy) Galamaga full bio Monica (McCarthy) Galamaga Basketball 1991 2001
Darren Clough full bio Darren Clough Basketball 1996 2001
Albert Daigle full bio Albert Daigle Basketball 1963 2001
John Donovan full bio John Donovan Cross Country 1987 2001
1990-91 Womem's Basketball Team full bio 1990-91 Women's Basketball Team Basketball   2003
Keith Dickson full bio Keith Dickson Basketball Coach   2003
Larry Golden full bio Larry Golden Basketball 1966 2003
Fr. Jude Gray, O.S.B. full bio Fr. Jude Gray, O.S.B. Special Recognition   2003
Ed King full bio Ed King Hockey 1976 2003
Steve O'Mara full bio Steve O'Mara Soccer 1985 2003
Kristen Skoglund full bio Kristen Skoglund Basketball 1996 2003
Donald Carey full bio Donald Carey Basketball 1966 2004
T.J. Ebol full bio T.J. Ebol Baseball 1994 2004
Dan Heffernan full bio Dan Heffernan Cross Country 1995 2004
Kristin Sullivan full bio Kristin Sullivan Basketball 1994 2004
Kristine Thyng full bio Kristine Thyng Soccer & Softball 1996 2004
Kevin Tynan full bio Kevin Tynan Basketball 1990 2004
Maura (Devine) McShane full bio Maura (Devine) McShane Tennis 1988 2005
Caroline (Sheeran) McDermod full bio Caroline (Sheeran) McDermod Soccer 1999 2005
Andrea (Sunday) Hallett full bio Andrea (Sunday) Hallett Basketball 1995 2005
Richard Burke full bio Richard Burke Special Recognition 1970 2005
Steven Gulla full bio Steven Gulla Tennis 1988 2005
Mark Krikorian full bio Mark Krikorian Soccer 1983 2005
Lisa Petell full bio Lisa Petell Softball 1999 2005
Charles Quinn full bio Charles Quinn Special Recognition 1942 2005
Kelley L. (Feeney) Walsh full bio Kelley L. (Feeney) Walsh Basketball 1991 2006
1995-96 Men's Basketball Team full bio 1995-96 Men's Basketball Team Basketball   2006
Paulette Bourgeois full bio Paulette Bourgeois Tennis Coach   2006
James Gray full bio James Gray Soccer 1995 2006
Joseph Ingegneri full bio Joseph Ingegneri Basketball 2000 2006
Brendan McCarthy full bio Brendan McCarthy Basketball 1996 2006
Annamaria Addonizio full bio Annamaria Addonizio Softball 1997 2007
Nick Gabardina full bio Nick Gabardina Special Recognition   2007
Ed Gorman full bio Ed Gorman Basketball 1979 2007
Frank McBride full bio Frank McBride Soccer 1990 2007
Kevin DeBenedetto full bio Kevin DeBenedetto Lacrosse 2010 2017
Dr. Jo-Ann Nester full bio Dr. Jo-Ann Nester Special Recognition   2017