147 student-athletes named to NE10 Commissioner's Academic Honor Roll

MANSFIELD, Mass. – A total of 147 student-athletes from Saint Anselm College sports teams were selected to the Northeast-10 Conference Commissioner's Academic Honor Roll for the Spring 2018 semester.

The Commissioner's Academic Honor Roll program recognizes the conference's student-athletes for their achievements within the classroom. In order to be eligible for selection, a student-athlete must have met or exceeded a minimum 3.0 grade-point average on a 4.0 scale.

The football program at Saint Anselm led the way with 23 selections to the list, followed by women's lacrosse with 17 qualifiers. Men's ice hockey and men's lacrosse had 11 of its student-athletes named to the honor roll while women's soccer and women's cross country each had 10 student-athletes achieve the distinction.

Brenden Cain (men's ice hockey), Jess Perkins (women's tennis), Marta Versprille (women's lacrosse), Adam Weinstein (men's tennis), Clairee Putnam (women's basketball), Zoie Cavotta (women's lacrosse) and Noah Collins (men's lacrosse) posted perfect 4.0 grade-point averages for the Hawks.

At least one student-athlete across all 17 of Saint Anselm's Northeast-10 Conference programs made the list.

A full list of Saint Anselm selections reads as follows.

Name Sport Class GPA Range
Brenden Cain Men's Ice Hockey Sr. 4
Jess Perkins Women's Tennis Sr. 4
Marta Versprille Women's Lacrosse Sr. 4
Adam Weinstein Men's Tennis Sr. 4
Clairee Putnam Women's Basketball Sr. 4
Zoie Cavotta Women's Lacrosse Sr. 4
Noah Collins Men's Lacrosse Sr. 4
Dave Almeida Men's Ice Hockey So. 3.50-3.99
Amanda Bickford Softball Sr. 3.50-3.99
Felipe Bispo Men's Soccer Jr. 3.50-3.99
Madison Borrelli Softball So. 3.50-3.99
Ryan Bredin Football Fr. 3.50-3.99
Maddie Bressler Field Hockey Jr. 3.50-3.99
Nick Carter Men's Golf Sr. 3.50-3.99
Erin Collins Field Hockey Sr. 3.50-3.99
Bailey Conti Women's Soccer Fr. 3.50-3.99
Kelsey Czarnota Women's Lacrosse Fr. 3.50-3.99
Emma Daly Women's Basketball Jr. 3.50-3.99
JJ Dunn Baseball Jr. 3.50-3.99
Alexis Elowitch Women's Soccer Sr. 3.50-3.99
Maggie Farrell Softball Fr. 3.50-3.99
Nicholas Fiorillo Football So. 3.50-3.99
Corinne Galarneau Women's Soccer Jr. 3.50-3.99
Liberty Gendron Women's Cross Country Jr. 3.50-3.99
Nick Gorski Men's Ice Hockey Sr. 3.50-3.99
Grace Guachione Women's Basketball Fr. 3.50-3.99
Caroline Guzzardi Women's Lacrosse Fr. 3.50-3.99
Joseph Hartigan Men's Lacrosse So. 3.50-3.99
Jack Heintzelman Men's Soccer Sr. 3.50-3.99
Kayla Hodas Women's Tennis Jr. 3.50-3.99
Breda Holland Women's Lacrosse So. 3.50-3.99
Tim Holmes Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.50-3.99
Ally Irish Women's Lacrosse Fr. 3.50-3.99
Danielle Isbell Volleyball Sr. 3.50-3.99
Guy Kassas Men's Basketball Sr. 3.50-3.99
Jessica Kaufman Women's Soccer Sr. 3.50-3.99
Lauren Lockard Women's Lacrosse So. 3.50-3.99
Abbie Murrell Softball Fr. 3.50-3.99
Katie Neyland Field Hockey Sr. 3.50-3.99
Taylor Patterson Women's Lacrosse Jr. 3.50-3.99
Eleni Petromelis Women's Tennis Jr. 3.50-3.99
Kaleigh Scoville Softball So. 3.50-3.99
Carmen Sorrentino Football Fr. 3.50-3.99
Amy Stankiewicz Volleyball Jr. 3.50-3.99
Timothy Stap Men's Cross Country Jr. 3.50-3.99
Lexi Stathis Women's Tennis Jr. 3.50-3.99
Katy Teets Volleyball Sr. 3.50-3.99
Jamie Traverse Women's Lacrosse Sr. 3.50-3.99
Meaghan Wilson Women's Cross Country So. 3.50-3.99
Crosby Winters Football Sr. 3.50-3.99
Trey Aiello Men's Ice Hockey So. 3.00-3.49
Michael Akinlosotu Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Cody Ball Men's Basketball Jr. 3.00-3.49
Anna Barrell Women's Cross Country Jr. 3.00-3.49
Emma Bartle Field Hockey So. 3.00-3.49
Molly Beck Women's Lacrosse So. 3.00-3.49
Dan Bodi Baseball Sr. 3.00-3.49
Drew Bourdeau Men's Lacrosse Sr. 3.00-3.49
Kyle Braile Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Matt Bremis Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Ashley Briggs Women's Basketball Jr. 3.00-3.49
Trent Briggs Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.00-3.49
Efthim Butka Men's Basketball Sr. 3.00-3.49
Colin Cain Men's Soccer Fr. 3.00-3.49
Jeremy Carignan Men's Ice Hockey Jr. 3.00-3.49
Seamus Carroll Baseball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Riley Chapman Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Spencer Cline Men's Basketball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Joey Cody Football Fr. 3.00-3.49
Michael Coffey Men's Soccer Fr. 3.00-3.49
Will Collins Football Jr. 3.00-3.49
Shannon Conley Women's Cross Country Sr. 3.00-3.49
Austin Connolly Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Jordan Cook Men's Cross Country Fr. 3.00-3.49
Trent Cooley Football Fr. 3.00-3.49
Suzanne Cotter Women's Soccer Fr. 3.00-3.49
Matt Cullinan Men's Lacrosse So. 3.00-3.49
Amanda Desimone Field Hockey So. 3.00-3.49
Thomas Devaney Men's Lacrosse So. 3.00-3.49
Maquila Dimastrantonio Women's Cross Country So. 3.00-3.49
Michael Dreske Baseball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Shane Earley Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Eric Fairweather Football Jr. 3.00-3.49
Mike Ferraro Men's Ice Hockey So. 3.00-3.49
Cam Flanagan Football Fr. 3.00-3.49
Jonathan Folsom Men's Ice Hockey Fr. 3.00-3.49
Cole Gill Men's Basketball So. 3.00-3.49
Liam Gillis Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Ali Glennon Women's Basketball Sr. 3.00-3.49
Meghan Golden Women's Tennis Sr. 3.00-3.49
Colin Soucy Men's Ice Hockey Jr. 3.00-3.49
Griffin St. Onge Baseball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Julia Thissell Women's Basketball So. 3.00-3.49
Mia Vecchione Field Hockey Sr. 3.00-3.49
Sean Verrier Men's Ice Hockey So. 3.00-3.49
John Vidal Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Caroline Villareal Women's Lacrosse Fr. 3.00-3.49
Matt Ward Men's Lacrosse Fr. 3.00-3.49
Payton Wildrick Women's Soccer Fr. 3.00-3.49
Amanda Williams Volleyball Sr. 3.00-3.49
Olivia Griffin Women's Soccer Sr. 3.00-3.49
Riley Grussing Volleyball Sr. 3.00-3.49
Jackie Guillemette Field Hockey Sr. 3.00-3.49
Joey Harrington Men's Ice Hockey Jr. 3.00-3.49
CJ Hart Men's Lacrosse Fr. 3.00-3.49
Jewel Hays Volleyball Jr. 3.00-3.49
Trevor Kacz Men's Ice Hockey Jr. 3.00-3.49
Julia Keeler Volleyball Jr. 3.00-3.49
Elizabeth Kelly Women's Lacrosse Jr. 3.00-3.49
Emma Kincaid Field Hockey Sr. 3.00-3.49
Mathew Kurnik Baseball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Jenoyce Laniyan Women's Basketball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Alexander Lanzi Men's Cross Country Jr. 3.00-3.49
Kiley Larocque Women's Soccer So. 3.00-3.49
Maddison Leite Softball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Jeremy Lewis Men's Lacrosse So. 3.00-3.49
Cam Mabie Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
John Marculitis Baseball Sr. 3.00-3.49
Eddie Matovu Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Erica Mattila Women's Lacrosse Sr. 3.00-3.49
Catherine McCarthy Volleyball So. 3.00-3.49
Julia McCarthy Women's Lacrosse Fr. 3.00-3.49
CJ Miller Football So. 3.00-3.49
Roshelle Morrison Women's Soccer So. 3.00-3.49
Bridget Murphy Women's Cross Country Jr. 3.00-3.49
Megan Murrell Softball Sr. 3.00-3.49
Seamus Oeser Football So. 3.00-3.49
Teo Olsen Men's Lacrosse Jr. 3.00-3.49
Amanda Pageau Women's Cross Country So. 3.00-3.49
Emma Palumbo Women's Lacrosse Sr. 3.00-3.49
Sarah Panteleos Women's Cross Country Sr. 3.00-3.49
Jimmy Panzini Men's Basketball So. 3.00-3.49
Erin Paquette Women's Soccer Fr. 3.00-3.49
Jen Peel Women's Basketball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Thomas Powell Men's Lacrosse Sr. 3.00-3.49
Tyler Pyne Baseball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Michael Riggs Football So. 3.00-3.49
Heather Roscoe Women's Lacrosse So. 3.00-3.49
Emily Ryan Women's Cross Country Fr. 3.00-3.49
Shannon Ryan Women's Basketball So. 3.00-3.49
Jordan Schamp Volleyball Fr. 3.00-3.49
Leika Scott Field Hockey Sr. 3.00-3.49
Nate Shannon Men's Cross Country Jr. 3.00-3.49
Becca Shea Women's Lacrosse So. 3.00-3.49
Griffin Shoemaker Men's Lacrosse Fr. 3.00-3.49
Zack Sirowich Football Sr. 3.00-3.49
Lian Smithers Women's Cross Country Fr. 3.00-3.49