Charles Getchell
Charles Getchell
Title: College Librarian
Month/Year Received: September 2018

Charles Getchell, the College Librarian, has assisted the campus community at large since 2013. He also has a role with the Hawks baseball program as its Faculty/Staff Team Advisor where he can be seen in the dugout at Sullivan Field during home games. He also travels to the team's annual spring break trip to support the student-athletes. 

"I am so pleased to join my wonderful colleagues already recognized," said Getchell. "It is a pleasure to work with the entire athletics department, supporting our student-athletes while meeting so many families. I tell the baseball parents that I have '42 sons', including three of my own, and enjoy watching them practice and play.

"The most special moment will be when they receive their diplomas," concluded Getchell. "The appreciation these young women and men show and convey for the simple effort we make coming to see them compete is something I’ll always treasure."