First issued in September 2017, the "Hawks Soar Higher" Award was created to allow the Department of Athletics to recognize individuals that are instrumental to the College's efforts to offer a first class, transformational student-athlete experience. The award is issued each month during the academic year to two individuals employed by the institution outside of athletics.

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September 2018 Award Announcement

Recipients will be colleagues, faculty, staff or administrators that advocate for Saint Anselm student-athletes and who go above and beyond in their contributions each day on the Hilltop.

Hawks Soar Higher Award Recipients

Peter Hagerty full bio Peter Hagerty Job Title: Housekeeper, Physical Plant Month/Year Received: September 2017
Michelle Lavoie full bio Michelle Lavoie Job Title: Administrative Assistant, Dining Services Month/Year Received: September 2017
Elizabeth Keuffel full bio Elizabeth Keuffel Job Title: Director, Financial Aid Month/Year Received: October 2017
Nate Wheel full bio Nate Wheel Job Title: Turf Manager/Athletic Facilities, Physical Plant Month/Year Received: October 2017
Father Benet Phillips O.S.B. full bio Father Benet Phillips O.S.B. Job Title: Assistant Dean for Freshmen/Director of Academic Advisement Month/Year Received: November 2017
Renee Crawford full bio Renee Crawford Job Title: Executive Director of Budget, Planning & Evaluation Month/Year Received: November 2017
Kim Britton full bio Kim Britton Job Title: Grounds Supervisor, Physical Plant Month/Year Received: December 2017
Kenn Walker full bio Kenn Walker Job Title: Director, Academic Resource Center Month/Year Received: December 2017
Kristina Wilson full bio Kristina Wilson Job Title: Counselor, Health Services Month/Year Received: January 2018
Diane Duffield full bio Diane Duffield Job Title: Assistant Registrar, Operations and Systems Month/Year Received: January 2018
Sarah Glenn full bio Sarah Glenn Job Title: Associate Professor, Philosophy; Assistant Women's Ice Hockey Coach Month/Year Received: February 2018
George Fong full bio George Fong Job Title: Catering Truck Driver Month/Year Received: February 2018
Nicole Eyet full bio Nicole Eyet Job Title: Associate Chemistry Professor Month/Year Received: March 2018
Don Moreau full bio Don Moreau Job Title: Director, Physical Plant Month/Year Received: March 2018
Jenny Bless full bio Jenny Bless Job Title: HRIS Coordinator Month/Year Received: April/May 2018
Charles Getchell full bio Charles Getchell Job Title: College Librarian Month/Year Received: September 2018
Kelly Lalonde full bio Kelly Lalonde Job Title: Associate Professor, Department Chair for Economics and Business Month/Year Received: September 2018
Ken Perkins full bio Ken Perkins Job Title: Manager, Sullivan Arena Month/Year Received: April/May 2018