NCAA Report Shows Saint Anselm Student-Athletes Continue to Succeed in Classroom

INDIANAPOLIS – The NCAA has released the latest Division II graduation rate data, including the division’s Academic Success Rate (ASR), which held good news for Saint Anselm College.

Saint Anselm totaled an ASR of 90 percent, which is up two points from the previous year and up five points from just two years ago. The 90 percent is also well ahead of the national four-year ASR average, which remained steady at 72 percent overall, while the entering class of 2005 dropped one point to 72 percent.

Four Saint Anselm programs have an ASR of 100 percent, with two others checking in at 95 percent or better. In total, all 20 programs feature an ASR of 80 percent or above, with 12 of those posting ASRs of at least 90 percent.

This is the seventh year the NCAA has released the ASR. The NCAA developed the Division II ASR at the request of college and university presidents, who believed the federal graduation rate was flawed. Division II’s ASR data takes transfer students into account while also, given the partial-scholarship financial aid model of Division II, includes student-athletes not on athletically related financial aid. The result is that ASR captures more than 36,000 non-scholarship student-athletes.

Even when utilizing the less-inclusive federal rate, Division II student-athletes perform significantly better than the general student body. The federal rate for Division II student-athletes in the 2005 entering class remained steady at 55 percent while the general student body dropped one point to 48 percent, a difference of seven points.