2018-19 Friends of Saint Anselm Men's Basketball

The Saint Anselm men's basketball program would like to thank the Friends of Saint Anselm Men's Basketball for their support throughout the season!

Ed '62 and Michele Cantlin
Darren Clough '96
Chris Conroy '05
Todd '75 and Margaret '75 Emmons
Robert '71 and Jeanne Furfari
The Grenert Family
Chris Madigan '90
Jim Mann '93
Brendan '96 and Alison McCarthy 
Larry Pascal 
Tom and Cass Reardon
Joe Smith '89 (Smith Brothers Insurance)

The Ball Family
The Belli Family
Dave Bulkley '91
The Cline Family 
Sean Brennan '83 
Pat Delany '02 
Michelle Dickson '10 
Brad Duffy '69
The Guers Family 
Chip and Lorraine Santo 
Bill Sarette's Tire and Battery 

Matt Cahill '06
Tom Cahill
Brett and Brittany Dickson
Dave Drescher '52
Mike Dunn '01
Bob Dziadosz '68
Ed Hjerpe '81
Tom Killion '68 
Bill Korzeniowski 
Ted McGrath '73
Tom McGrath '68
Larry Rossi '68
The Suhr-Jessen Family
Bob and Sue Thomas
Mike Zieja '03

Tim Aramini '94 
Scott and Deb Belanger
Bob Carkhoff
David P. Choquette '94
Jeffrey Dickson '08
Curtis and Carol Dow
Tom Fortin 
Scott Grenert 
Marty and Patty Greene 
Kyle Green '18 
The Loughnane Family
John Mariano '11
Fern and Sue Masse
Grant Mackay '17
Scott and Molly Mortimer
Bob O’Toole 
Malcolm and Sandra Philbrook
Kristin Penney '00
John Romps 
Pat Smith '94
Sara Sokolowski '00
Bob and Sue Thomas